The wide range of valve types, the result of years of experience in the field, allows us to find solutions for every need.

In fact, our offer includes side valves, cartridge valves as well as valves that use the principle of coaxial switching.

This technology, besides being highly efficient even with large passages and high pressures, guarantees absolute reliability even with difficult products such as gelatinous, abrasive, dirty and corrosive liquids, gas, vacuum and other fluids that are difficult to intercept with other switching technologies.

The wide choice of materials for the body, seals and gaskets also allow to configure the right component, adapting it to the different characteristics of the process.


Rinaldi group is able to offer servovalves with analog interface both with integrated electronics and without (MFB mechanical feedback).

Moreover, servovalves with digital interface are available that allow to set the operating parameters, activate the valve and monitor the performances.


Hydraulic Pumps

Rinaldi Group offers its customers a wide range of hydraulic pumps including the latest generation of Moog’s RKP radial piston pump line. Moog is a leading supplier of radial piston pumps (RKP) worldwide.

Robustness and reliability are the hallmarks of this product, which has been used worldwide for decades.

A wide selection of controls, including standard pressure compensator (Type F), remote pressure compensator (Type H), pressure and flow regulator (Type J and R), and electro-hydraulic digital control (RKP-D). Various mounting flanges and housings conform to the latest SEA and ISO standards.

Accessories are also available to limit the maximum flow rate.

Recirculating Ball Screws

Ball screws are rolling systems consisting of a shaft with a profile thread and a nut with internal ball recirculation, based on baffles.

The operation of ball screws is based on the rolling action of the balls interposed between the threaded shaft and the nut, which transforms the rectilinear movement into rotational movement, and vice versa, producing less friction and maximizing efficiency in applications requiring high levels of precision.

Developed to meet every need, Moog’s ballscrews are customizable to customer specifications: screw diameter-step combinations, screw ends, nut characteristics, lubrication and materials.

Technical features and benefits:

  • ISO 3408-3 1-3-5-7 Grades
  • Diameter from 12 mm to 100 mm
  • Pitch from 1.5 mm to 80 mm
  • Length up to 6200 mm
  • Load capacity
  • Dynamic load up to 1450 KN
  • Static load up to 3300 KN
  • Acceleration 10-30m/sec2
  • Single or multiple principle


  • Industrial automation machines requiring quiet operation and high load capacity
  • Simulation
  • Heavy industry
  • Electromechanical actuation
  • Metal forming machines
  • Plastic processing machines

PFG International

For the service we also rely on the stable collaboration of our partner, PFG International, with a consolidated experience in the field of compressed air, hydraulics, vacuum, water and gas.

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