Conveyor Belts

For over 20 years in the sector, we have specialized in the design and construction of conveyor belts and in the automation of production processes.

Our know-how allows us to provide plants of maximum reliability and to propose ourselves, with the application of advanced technologies, with quality and professionalism in the wide industrial scenario.

Sectors such as automotive, steel, molding, food, packaging, textiles, paper, etc. are some of the areas where we have consolidated and refined our experience.

Industry Excellence

Our result orientation and our assistance to the production cycle are the cornerstones of a company that over time has achieved excellence in the field of industrial automation and production processes in the handling of products.

A Complete Package!

We follow step by step all the phases, from the study of the most optimal solution to the realization and after-sales service. We respond to the needs of the market for the handling of materials with feeding, accumulation and storage lines from production to shipping.



The skills and experience of our technical office allow us to provide and develop customized solutions for the needs of the customer according to the latest requirements of safety standards.

Our added value is represented by the ability to innovate made possible by our highly qualified staff, able to face new challenges every day, through analysis, design, planning and implementation of systems and solutions within the company.

and installation

All the working phases, from the carpentry to the mechanical processing, from the surface and thermal treatments to the painting, from the assembly up to the testing are entirely handled by our qualified staff, providing “turnkey” products.

After a first phase of internal testing, we install the machine or the plant up to the start of the production cycle, giving precise indications of use and training the authorized personnel.

After sales

International Service has staff trained to provide after-sales service and maintenance for all products manufactured, throughout the life cycle of the product itself. We are also able to support customers on third party products.

We guarantee a 360° service to cover all needs and requests:

  • Assistance
  • Spare parts service
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Revisions.
Our Services

Revamping & Retrofitting

Among the services that constitute the company’s core business there are the mechanical renovations of obsolete machinery and production lines that guarantee a second “technical youth” to the machine tool in order to improve its productivity.

With retrofit services, on the other hand, we can intervene on machines by engaging automatisms and modern electronic control systems to restore, and in some cases even improve, the original performance of the machine.

The use of operations such as revamping or retrofit is increasingly widespread among metalworking workshops, which, put to the test by the persistent economic crisis, often find themselves unable to access funding, or – simply – prefer not to invest in new machines so as not to risk putting large amounts of capital at stake in this phase of general stagnation.

Need Consulting?

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