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Service & Spare Parts

The characterizing element of the Service division of the Rinaldi Group is versatility. Our technicians, assisted by the Design Department, are able to intervene with inspections, disassemblies, repairs and tests on various types of machinery of different manufacturers. The Preventive Maintenance, as well as the “Ready Intervention” on deformation plants, are some of the activities that International Service carries out with a high degree of professionalism and excellence. The Service Division can also supply various types of spare parts, managing the warehouse when necessary.

Logistic Outsourcing

International Service is able to efficiently carry out logistics and installation activities, from transport to the completion of assembly, relying on its own specialized technicians and lifting equipment.

An all-round offer!

Our offer of a personalized service, more responsive to customer needs, includes the storage of material in the warehouse; formula concerning the storage of strategic material.


Logistics &
Material Storage

Deciding to outsource the services of storage of goods or documental material means entrusting an important and strategic part of the company’s business to the outside. For this, outsourcing warehouse functions requires a careful analysis of its partner, to transform a need into efficiency.

In order to arrive to this, the outsourcing of the services of stoccaggio must be able to count on a partner in a position to assuring a high added value. An added value that, in the warehouse services offered by the Rinaldi Group, translates into advanced logistics solutions.


An all-round offer!

A 360° offer that goes from warehouses served by highly professional and specialized technologies and personnel, to a detailed reporting and computer management of the stored material. But that it is extended also to the services accessories to the stoccaggio: packing, cataloguing, reception and control goods, shipments.

Our advanced logistics experts will be able to explain all the details of the goods storage services offered by our company.

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