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Global Service

We define Global Service as our All Inclusive offer of a personalized service, more responsive to the needs of the customer, with which the latter delegates us, in accordance with UNI 10685, to carry out everything related to the management and maintenance of a production area or a branch of the company. Through the employment of our workers and technical staff as well as with the assistance of our consultants, the International Service takes care of the maintenance of the plant of the customer, the supply of spare parts and raw materials, and offers engineering solutions for the optimization of processes, with particular attention to all aspects of administrative, legal, fiscal, computer).

This service is born from the necessity, recorded in the relationships with our customers, to externalize some competences and to entrust them, in outsourcing, to enterprises that make of the professionalism and of the experience their prerogative. And it is precisely on the basis of the needs expressed by the customer that the Rinaldi Group is able to develop the offer by adapting it to what is required.

Our Offer

Material Storage

Policy formula related to strategic material storage.


Ideal solution for those who need to create a new plant or for plants already in use that need revamping.


Offer related to routine and extraordinary maintenance of the production line.


Service of reclamation of all areas of the company from polluting substances.

Technical and Management Consulting

It is our service proposal for:

Safety at Work

Assignment of RSPP, Drafting POS/DVR, Assistance in worksite.

Legal Adjustments

Assignments of Compliance Manager for M.O. 231/2001 - Quality (ISO 9001) - Environment (Iso 14001) - Safety (ISO 45001) - GDPR.

Training Courses

Training Courses for Managers and Workers for Safety in the Workplace and Company Organization.

Technical Consulting

Assistance in the planning of tenders, construction sites, installation of equipment and software for industrial automation.

Our Services

Press Maintenance

Thanks to the skills and experience of highly qualified personnel, the company is able to provide industrial services and products in the field of metal forming and sheet metal stamping, in the field of heavy mechanics applied to the automotive, aerospace, steel and household appliances industries.

Our Services

Project Management

Thanks to the consolidated experience and skills of specialized technicians, International Service is able to offer analysis, design, planning and realization of plants and solutions inside the company (such as retrofitting, modernization, logistics and new machinery) with a minimum impact on the internal organization of customers.

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